Magician Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Magician Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 13 Feb 2017

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1: The Magician : Mastery of Manifestation

The Symbols

A hand -shaped tree reaches its branches into the greater universe, wrapping its limbs about the planets as if to hold them. Our hands are the tools we use to create our lives. At earth level are the four elements of life’s manifestations : fire ( rods) for the passion that inspires us to create and mould our lives, air ( swords ) for the thought and logic that is required for planning , earth (pentacles) for the wealth and product of our work, and water (cups) for the emotion and relationships we experience with ourselves and others.  The curled 8 symbol, that of the snake-eating-its-own-tail is the ancient symbol of the eternity of life, death and rebirth: the immortal cycle.
It became the mathematical sign of infinity is to show us that all life is connected in an never-ending flow of infinite possibilities. This is about bringing universal energy down : as above, so below.

The Magician in a Reading

When we see the magician card, we are being told to utilise our own powers of manifestation: to bring our dreams down into reality. By using all four earthly elements with the guidance of the 5th of universal knowledge we can find and create the ultimate life of love, work, creativity and excitement. It tells us that we are the masters of our own destiny.

The Challenges of the Magician

The tree seems to be holding the planets and yet is not. This is the power of illusion. With mastery, we must must determine what is real and what is not, what is possible and what may be beyond our reach at a particular time.  It also asks us not to misuse the power we have, nor to hold what is not ours to control.  It is also the challenge to watch out for the con-person who may be offering you something "that is too good to be true."

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