Magic is in the Air

Magic is in the Air

Jo Nuske posted 02 Jul 2011

A Night Sky of Wonder : The Milky Way

I would need an astronomer or astrologer to enlighten me on the longitudes and latitudes of space in relation to Geelong in Victoria for I can give no scientific explanation of last night's events.
I had gone to bed and couldn't sleep so wrapped in my very snug dressing gown I wandered outside. The night was crisp and cold but the night sky was crystal clear as the myriad of stars sparkled in the blackness of the night.  In looking up I was presented with what I would image is the Milky Way and I really saw it for the first time. I have never experienced that feeling where literally hundreds or thousands of stars were so bright and so clear and so CLOSE.  I got lost in them, in the sheer magic of the night sky.  I could imagine each one holding a secret of universal truth and what was so surprising was that instead of seeing a thousand stars I saw personalities and individual possibilities of other life,other consciousnesses and an amazing connectedness.

Does this seem like the ravings of a person who has had just a little too much to drink? Perhaps. While I can assure you all that I had not, it felt like being seduced by some wonderful drug. On this night it was the drug of life: just being a witness to beauty, being privileged enough to be in a time and place where that beauty was in full splendour and having the gift of sight : that I was able to see it.

It is amazing being Human.

I was reminded again, last night of those gifts we carry as human beings. Do other species in the animal world have the desire or the capacity to appreciate beauty. to write poetry about it and share in companionship the enormity of our universe?  We need to remember sometimes.  Just as I can admire a magnificent work of art, the intricacies of a finally designed machine or the skill that it took to create of a field of wheat, I am in awe of what it is to be human. 

it was not the sky that was so magnificent last night for that has been there for millennia: it was the fact that I had been given the gift to see it, feel it and be connected to it. This was not a picture on a page : a print of an original work of art, or a television show : a 2-dimensional representation. This was being there, experiencing it first hand and soaking up that experience into the very cells of my skin. The sense of completeness, of connectedness was divine and peaceful and magic.

Is this what it means to be touched by God, by spirit, by angels, by spirit animals, by belief in whatever form? I think that this is what it means to be..............

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