Living with the Elements

Living with the Elements

Jo Nuske posted 13 Jun 2016

The Shamanic Way

Living on a Mountain in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast offers magnificent views, fresh crisp air, quiet mornings ( when the Grandkids aren't fighting or watching 3 electronic devices at once) and a slower-paced life-style.   Bugs, tics, spiders, frogs and dirt are constant companions and the need to be fully aware of resource management away from civilisation is a challenge at times.

 Studying Shamanic practices while living in a city that provides
  • reliable electricity,
  • water that simply arrives out of the tap,
  • sewerage that is taken away without thought and
  • keeping the house, stove, oven, toilet and bathroom sparkling clean
  • TV reception

can be romanticised. 

The reality is harder.  Without all the utility conveniences I have certainly become more aware of all things earth.   Subject to weather conditions at a different level, I respect it more.  I certainly have come to respect the pioneers of this country and I am doing it easy compared to them.

I will save a spider when I can, but have learned to kill an invading insect as a survival tool. Cane toads are frozen almost without compunction. (Catch 'em..put them in the freezer: it is a kinder death than Detol poisoning or hitting them with a golf club: common practices up here).  Land is about food provision.   Grey water MUST NOT CONTAIN ANY TOXIC chemicals, bleaches, anti-bacterial properties, shampoo or soap gunk so we live with a little dirt.  Smells are a natural part of life and that can include body odour with restricted water supply and showering facilities.  Shoes are something we put on only when "going out" and "nicking down" to the local shop takes at least an hour drive.

It is new way to learn to live.   Oh: the gazebo in front is my make-shift TV aerial that worked sometimes!!
Postscript 2016: I like the trappings of civilisation.....There is a lot to be said for water, electricity and the internet.!!!!.

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