Justice Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Justice Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 01 Mar 2017

11. Justice : Karma

Symbols and Meanings

The traditional scales of justice sit central to this card. The hand on the left is placing / giving 3 flowers while the right hand is receiving the abundance of more. Yet the scales themselves remain in perfect balance: the symbol of right action.  Rules of karma teach us that what we give out will come back to us twice, three or ten-fold. It is your decision whether that has been of good or bad intent. Love, compassion and help attract the same. Anger and hatred can perpetrate into an abyss of despair and a life out of control.

The judge’s gavel hovers above the scales to ensure that the rules of karmic and earthly law are and will be adhered to:  almost a threatening symbol, ready to strike if injustice is done. In law, when we hear the strike of the gavel, it is an announcement that a decision has been made, so it also indicates “justice done” for the good.

In a Reading

The card of Justice can indicate that matters of earthly legal issues are to be decided but also that you can’t escape the greater law of the universe. Are you in the right? If so, follow your own moral compass. If we are not, we know…..that “Icky feeling” of shame.  The justice card can be telling us to “Make it right”, to “right a wrong” or say “I’m sorry.”  If we have been wronged know that karma will launch into action, perhaps in its own time.


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