Just gotta love the kids! Mum's Day

Just gotta love the kids! Mum's Day

Jo Nuske posted 11 May 2012


Could you get my lunch, wash my clothes, get them ready for my match on Saturday ...oh and take me there?    Can, I have a party....Pleeaasee?.......I need help with my homework.  I need to take little cakes for the school fete, and I need a two-headed monster costume with 8 arms in green purple and orange for the school play by Friday......and a sequined outfit for the recital on Saturday....Oh by the way, my shoes are too small, I need new ones.......they are looking for volunteers at the school sports day and are you interested in being on the council?......I’m hungry...when’s tea.....oh no are we having that again...can’t we have cordon ‘blue’ with the little things filled with cream for dessert like they do on Master Chef?....I can’t find my new book, have you seen it?.....Ouch, I sliced myself with the knife...can I have a bandaid?.......Oh Mum, I crashed the car...oh and I am in love and going to get married.   Will you tell dad?

I Love you mum.   

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