Is it Ok to Fail?

Is it Ok to Fail?

Jo Nuske posted 25 Mar 2011

Failure or making a mistake is a terrifying concept for many. It can mean humiliation, shame and a lack of respect from our peers and loved ones. There is wonderful line from the movie "Instinct" staring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding that people die not from the elements in a situation of life-threatening disaster, but from the shame of getting in that situation in the first place. Such can also be the emotional response from victims of abuse: victims carry the shame of being a victim.

What really happens if we fail? I suppose it depends. If we fail in a life-challenging endeavour then we risk losing our lives, but in the world of the adventurer, the euphoria of success cannot be beaten!

But what of other kinds of failure? Getting fired from our job, losing a relationship, not winning, not becoming the best when that had been our becomes what we are not and it is then that we lose ourselves because we have stopped focussing on what we are.  If we turn the concept of failure into a learning lesson, finding out what we are good at by doing that which we are not good at, if we continue to try, to risk falling down and looking like an idiot then we always win.

The journey of spirituality is not about becoming saints or being perfect : it is accepting that everything is perfect even in the midst of chaos: that even in our foulest mood we express our shadow self and acknowledge that part of ourselves that helps to illuminate the light side of our path. The journey of spirituality is about learning to love, to accept and to respect ourselves and by definition, others....for embracing our own imperfections we can be more tolerant of others'.   That is the universal love we are looking for......... not some airy-fairy lip-service that is conditional to perfection.

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