How to take the Humbug out of Christmas

How to take the Humbug out of Christmas

Jo Nuske posted 12 Dec 2018

The Humbug of Christmas comes from hurt. Have you ever been gifted with the generic chocolates (and been a diabetic) or nuts (that will bring on an anaphylactic shock) or the perfumes and bath oils (that you are allergic to) or the socks you never wear? The underlying message you subconsciously receive is….

“ I don’t know you or anything about you and I can’t be bothered finding out. I am giving you this gift because I feel an obligation to, but my heart isn’t in it. “

The generic gift has already exposed the true nature of your relationship and it can hurt..badly.  Have we become so terrified of offending someone that we feel as though it is better to lie? Who are we really fooling?

Or has Christmas become a competition between what you can give or afford in comparison to the other relatives, the people next door or simply “more than last year”? Are we so ashamed of our financial circumstances that we will create the illusion for others, in order to gain respect?  

So, the natural reaction to Christmas is “that it is bullshit”, commercial and has no meaning. Quite frankly under these circumstances, you would be right.

Changing the Christmas spirit starts with you. It does not have to be humbug if you change your own thinking a little, regardless of other’s opinions or social expectations.  This is called sticking to your values.

I unashamedly love Christmas and have been guilty of all of the above, including spending so much on gifts that I had to eat the left-overs of Xmas for a month. (I now have an iron gut, I can tell you.) I had to change my Christmas Behaviour to honour what I love about the festival. I love Christmas because I give (and only) to people I really care about or who care about me and within my budget! Because of that I have a fair idea of who they are, what they like and their health foibles and I can eat proper food afterwards.  The Christmas spirit really comes from thinking about the person and it can be fun, if you let it. To receive a gift of thought (therefore care) is a blessing.  Appreciate it : It is in the spirit of “Thankyou” to the universe.  

I am not a Christian and people have argued that to “do Christmas” is contrary to my beliefs.

The love and the feeling of wishing the best for someone has no religious connotations: it is a celebration of life that also helps mark the coming end to a year. It also expounds the sense of “thankyou” to those people who have enriched your life for that year. So honour that.

I love the childlike play of Christmas and helps me remember that I am not so old: to decorate my house with colour and lights lifts my otherwise conservative environment so that my home lives with energy. Woohoo! Christmas is a great excuse ( as is Easter,  Halloween, Solstices and Birthdays) Why do I need an excuse? Mmmmm

Christmas is a time, prompt, a message of remembering, playing and connecting. So..when you are shopping for those gifts and you reach for the chocolates, perfumes or socks, think about why you are buying them? If you don’t know the person you are buying for, do you want to change that? If you don’t like them, for goodness sake don’t buy them a gift, guilt be damned.

Do have a Merry Christmas and may your stockings, pillow cases or under-the-tree gifts be a true reflection of the love and care from and to the people you care about: to know that you know and are known.





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