High Priestess Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

High Priestess Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 13 Feb 2017

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2: The High Priestess : Intuition

The Symbols and Meanings

The lotus flower, multi-layered, soft and strong in its perfectly balanced formation is the symbol of the opening of the crown chakra : that energy that connects us directly with spirit and the greater universal knowledge. It depicts the feminine energy of intuition and that which we discover through the auspices of the third eye: to look beyond the 3rd dimension to find the wisdom that the universe holds and to prepare to bring it into the written word.  The temple on the mountain appears to be lonely and high: we can only truly find our way through the theta meditation of the crown chakra which is a high frequency. Theta meditation is the state of being where the logic and judgement of the mind, with its pre-conceptions, are put aside to see universal truth.

It is about being alone with ourselves and using the energy of intuition, rather than thought.  We are the temple of our own existence.
The eyes within space represent the inner or higher sight we may attain to see beyond three dimensional reality by utilising our third eye. The third eye is connected to the crown chakra as a method of translation: to see what is being transmitted.

The scroll beneath the flower brings in the idea that this ephemeral knowledge is meant to be brought to earth and its inhabitants for their enlightenment. The High Priestess is the gatherer of knowledge and paves the way for the High Priest or Hierophant to deliver the learning to humanity.   In this way, the Major arcana teaches us that the feminine and masculine energies of spirituality are connected in equality: that both energies are needed for ultimate wisdom: that one is not complete without the other.

The High Priestess in a Reading

When the High priestess appears it is a sign to trust our own intuition, that gut feeling that will tell us right from wrong : it is the energy of feeling rather than thought. In “star wars” it is the “force”. she guides us to know ourselves and make decisions based on our own soul agenda, rather than that of other’s opinion. She tell us to use our instincts to run from danger, to know the time to hibernate or migrate, to know foe from friend, to take a job or not, to instinctively recognise a mate. The High Priestess is both the instinctive joy we feel when something is absolutely right or the “icky” feeling when it is wrong.

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