Hierophant/High Priest Portal to the Stars Tarot Deck

Hierophant/High Priest Portal to the Stars Tarot Deck

Jo Nuske posted 14 Feb 2017

5. Hierophant or High Priest: Teacher, Scribe, Spiritual Leader

Symbols and meanings of the Card

A golden book is central to the theme, as the symbol of sacred text or the importance of recorded knowledge. The book is has two paths of flowering vines woven about it: the left as the feminine and the right as masculine energy in equal balance. The vines, as the keys to balanced knowledge and attitudes end with the feminine and masculine key-head shapes accordingly, while the 4-holed traditional key ends, advise of the strengths of the tried and true methods.   The triple cross or septre is a traditional staff of the position the High Priest carries, is pyramidal and indicates hierarchy. He is the leader. The moon at the top of the staff, is the ancient feminine symbol of shamanism ( the grandmother) who influences and blesses the High Priest’s path.

The Hierophant from the ancient Greek means “show the sacred”. The High Priest would interpret the messages from the gods and direct the rituals of worship.  In modern teachings he has become the symbol of the transcriber and teacher of the written word.  As mentioned before, the High Priestess is the receiver of universal knowledge ( just as the feminine in life is the receiver of the seed of life). In a partnership of equals, the High Priest scribes the wisdom to the earthly realm of text for references of learning. He is the authority who states” “It is so”.

In a Reading

When we see the Hierophant, it is a time of study, learning and following the traditional truth as has been written in the past.  Stay the path. Follow what you know to be true, stick to your own moral compass: that which you know to be right. It is also the symbol of the spiritual leader, the teacher and the scribe. Are you destined for leadership, ready to study in mastery or become the writer?

The Challenges of the High Priest

When we become indoctrinated into a belief system with a set of rules that rely on pure faith, rather than our own minds, logic and intuition, we may miss out on the opportunities around us for spiritual growth. Indoctrination is stagnation, not allowing for the seeker to question their own path. Do we believe everything we read or simply parrot another's words without understanding the purpose behind them? Are we so ingrossed in the study that we forget to look up and make up our own minds? Or have we become so much the teacher that we forget that we always have somehing else to learn from the wisdom of others?

Are we set on a path created by history and forget to be flexible enough to change with times?

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