Hearing and Healing the music of the Universe

Hearing and Healing the music of the Universe

Jo Nuske posted 21 Aug 2017

Hearing and Healing the music of the Universe: Feeding the Grid

When anger, hatred and discord are expressed, and there is plenty of that within our current social climate, that energy soaks into the harmonic grid and is shared around the world. Think of the grid like a woven sponge that absorbs and then reflects back to the earth. So if we soak our sponge in stinky emotions and thoughts, they in turn are dripped back to earth in a continuous cycle. The more the anger, hatred, prejudice, lack of compassion, greed and manipulation the more is created.

Can we change it? Absolutely.  The reverse philosophy applies......soak the sponge in beauty, love, music and harmony and we can create a totally differnt cycle.

Around the earth and connecting the universe is sound and like all musical compositions it demands that the instruments of any orchestra plays in harmony. It has seemed out of whack to me in the past months….or is that me, being so out of balance that all I can hear is the cacophony of chaos? Can I change it and me at the same time?

When we look for answers the inspiration can come in the unlikeliest places. Dr Who was mine. Season 7, Episode 8 “The Rings of Akhaten” demands of a young girl to sing to and harmonise the stars but she makes a mistake….and potential destruction is the outcome.  Then I accidently watched a fabulous movie (“August Rush”)  about a kid who can hear the music of the world and write a symphony without formal training. ( I cried and rejoiced all at the same time)

I don’t know about you, but I have been struggling with the dis-harmony and injustice of the world. Is there more of it, or are we just better informed with the such non-traditional media streams? My overall emption has been one of absolute hopelessness in that I have felt unable to change anything.  For my own sanity I had to find an answer and it was deceptively easy. I decided to feed the energetic grid around the earth with harmonic music.

So I play uplifting, soul- feeding music that I relate to. My soul soars and in that emotional state I channel the sounds and the harmony of love to the grid. I know that the grid ( or Grandmother’s Web of Life if you are Shamanic) surrounds the earth and has a direct influence on the emotional, thinking and state of balance for all life on earth. What could happen if many of us did this? Would it be possible to change the world of politics, money, compassion, empathy and care to all of earth’s life forms. I believe so.

 So the next time you are listening to something that makes your heart sing…..share it.





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