Health & Wellbeing: How to be Energized, Happy & Productive

Health & Wellbeing: How to be Energized, Happy & Productive

Marie posted 05 Oct 2018

Nihilism is looming over humanity like a dark cloud. We have never lived in such privileged times yet it appears that people are “built” to suffer in spite of everything. It appears we’ve never been more unhappy or concerned with a variety of injustices and stricken by so many numerous illnesses of all kinds. What appears to be a solution for such a state of things? By and large, people tend to gravitate towards survival, hope and life-affirming messages, but some methods to achieve the state of physical and mental wellbeing seem to have been lost in translation. If you are concerned with your health and wellbeing, we are here to answer the question: is being energized, happy and productive really that hard?

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Why bother?

Most people want to improve their health and wellbeing. After all, of all the philosophical stances and outlooks on life, one thing is undeniable – all humans detest the excess of pain and cannot bear it for too long. This is why most people gravitate towards avoiding it at all costs and unhappiness and poor health are the primary causes of chronic pain. However, if you are already in the deep end, it might be hard, in fact it might be nigh impossible to lift yourself up and start changing your life for the better. You should know that this is completely normal and nobody expects of you to become excessively energized and productive in the blink of an eye. It is a long process that begins with small steps and some truly drastic changes.

change diet

Change your diet

Nutrition is the cornerstone of living an energized and happy existence. If you are truly unhappy and dazed throughout your day, there is a high chance you are doing something wrong in terms of the diet. For one, you are probably used to an excessive intake of carbohydrates. It is easy to fall into a trap of the carb-sugar combo which chronically destroys your body in the long run. Start drinking more water, exclude refined sugars from your diet and introduce more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Stop eating three meals a day and adopt a “modular” diet of at least five smaller meals during your waking hours. The interval between your first and your last meal should be no more than ten hours. If you adopt these rudimentary changes, you will notice the difference in a few months – you will have more energy, you will lose most of your brain fog and you will be more productive.


Travel to the far distant corners of the world

Traveling is one of the best ways to reinvigorate your mind and discover new pools of energy. Furthermore, if you insist on visiting faraway corners of the world and different cultures, you will get a chance to expand your mind, to become more accepting of differences and you will definitely get a chance to create a diverse cobweb of friends. If you want to go on an impromptu adventure to the “ends of the earth” hop on one of the opportune and reliable Tahiti Travel Connection offers that will sweep you away to one of the most idyllic tropical adventures you can imagine. When it comes to traveling to distant corners of the world, it hardly gets better than the heart of the Pacific.


Never stop exercising

As your wells of energy replenish, you will have more strength to start exercising – and here is the crucial part – as soon as you start, do not let up. Create a schedule and an exercise regime; for example, visiting a gym three times a week should be an obligation. Diversify your exercises and always push yourself further. This is a sure-fire recipe for keeping your body strong and productive. Go on two- to three-hour walks every night with a friend (or a group of friends) and have extensive conversations during this casual physical activity, and you are bound to feel amazing.

mental health

Happiness is a state of mind, just like unhappiness. The catch about this truism lies in the fact that this cognate state can actually influence your physical wellbeing in the long run. The old saying goes – be careful which wolf you feed, and it certainly applies here. Your physical wellbeing and productivity are directly influenced by the level of your happiness and overall mental health and vice versa. No matter what sort of methods you adopt, you’ll want to get into this never-ending loop and stay in it for the rest of your life. That should be one of your constant goals.

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