Healing Cancer of the Spirit

Healing Cancer of the Spirit

Jo Nuske posted 16 Apr 2016

The poisoned earth began when we poisoned our own spirits.

While there are a thousand articles all over the net of health regimes to follow for the prevention or cure of cancer, a real cause is a poisoning of the spirit: despair, depression and hate.  Power has run amok on earth, supposedly in the name of money…….but…..here’s a thought…..

If the roots of cancer are misery, then the world is in its fourth stage. With all our perceived abundance of technological marvels, we have lost our happiness.

Money is the TOOL with which we trade with each other, yet it has become the WEAPON by which we seek control/ power OVER others.  Power is the energy we are given TO create our lives in the highest form we can hope for, yet, corrupted, it becomes a cancer of hate.  

When government and society impose rules of life that do not follow your own values, taking the very power to create from us…..when they take, take take, then our only option is to take from others in the illusion of regaining our own power.

When we embrace the mentality of “who has the most” then we manifest envy through an illusion of scarcity and a hatred of joy. It becomes “How dare you be happy when I am not!”


Hatred eats you from the inside out…….


How do you beat hatred? By being aware of the root cause…….. and unfortunately, that starts with a real look at self.


Illustration Acknowledgement : http://orig13.deviantart.net/a138/f/2007/193/9/5/self_hating_snape_by_lithrael.jpg

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