Has the Plebiscite become Distorted?

Has the Plebiscite become Distorted?

Jo Nuske posted 22 Sep 2017


The argument about same sex marriage has become distorted. 

While the moral stand of marriage is one of commitment of one person to another the history of the formal, legalisation of marriage was an issue of money and the terms of inheritance. It still is. 

There are legal differences between a recognised marriage and de-facto relationships between a man and a woman on the rights of inheritance, citizenship and family law.. So the question really is…do we give the same rights of belonging with all the attending responsibilities to people of the same sex who want to spend their lives together? Do we legalise the right for each partner to leave the financial proceeds of their life together to each other? Do we allow the children of that partnership to be recognised as legitimate? I have always objected to the labelling of kids as “bastards” and although this is no longer the stigma it once was, it allows the children of same-sex parents to be acknowledged in the same way as the “traditional family” (which is no longer the prime model of society) Do we allow people to be recognised as family units when travelling, gaining passports and citizenship? 

What is this yes/ no really about? I have seen some pretty bizarre feeds on Facebook where people are linking the question of the same-sex legalisation of marriage with the right to be recognised as a male/female/non-sexual, multi-sexual, android, vampire, dolphin according to “how they feel about themselves”. There have been implications that we are trying to re-define our children’s sexual identities. Somehow, there are articles that now identify that we have 20 or more sexual possibilities…..I find this bizarre and is not what this is about.   

The moral stand of marriage is one of commitment of one person to another to love, honour, have their back, argue, plan a life, share in the good times and worry together about the bad, to build a financial base for future security, to care for each other in sickness and in health and to have a partner so as not be alone. A successful relationship between two people requires respect, empathy, sympathy, conciliation, negotiation and comradery. It is also about the right to publicly celebrate that realtionship.

 Let them live.


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