Hanged Man Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Hanged Man Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 24 Feb 2017

12. The Hanged Man : Perspective

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The Symbols

A single flower is hanging upside down and tangled in a vine that is not connected to anything, seemingly suspended above the earth.

Have you been worrying, obsessed, scared, confused or been feeling trapped? Have you felt that you can’t move forward because what you have relied upon as a foundation, seems groundless? Have you tangled yourself up so much in a never ending round of maybe’s and what-if’s that have stopped you moving at all? Have past hurts, betrayals or mistakes caught you in a cycle of recriminations so that you mind stays in the space of indecision?

In a Reading

This is the energy of the Hanged Man. He is looking at the world upside down and is lost in the morass of wrong perspective. The hanged man tell us to look at a situation from a different perspective : a positive one. He tell us to take the time to really look at the situation we are in, in order to see clearly and reconnect with our lives: to plant the base of the flower back into the earth and face reality.   The suspension and trap may be of our own making.

Hard to do? Absolutely. The Hanged man is alone and cannot find the path without a grounded connection : to an adviser, counsellor or friend. This requires asking for help and may seem like a sacrifice. Are you willing to give up the angst, sorrow or revenge to find a way back to life? So in this way, the Hanged Man requires a sacrifice of ego. What are we willing to give up to get what we truly want : happiness, peace and a joy of spirit?

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