Growing Medicine Cannabis

Growing Medicine Cannabis

John posted 09 Mar 2018


Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow.  Choose  a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as possible and is going to be exposed to some breeze. The breeze will help ensure that you avoid things like bud rot and other fungus or mould related problems.

Soil Preparation:

If using pots, the larger the pot the better; the more room your plant has to grow the bigger it can get. Potted plants should use a mix of good quality potting soil  and organic mulch. I recommend sugar cane mulch.

When choosing to grow in the ground it is a whole different game - I have grown some enormous   yielding,  high quality Sativas and Indica’s in what could be called barren dirt. If you are prepared to get your hands dirty and put your back into it, all it takes is some organic mulch and a whole bunch of soil turning. Dig as deep as you can and turn the soil over every 2 days for a week or 2 prior to introducing seedlings. 

Give the soil plenty of water and if you want to, add some nitrogen based slow-release fertiliser pellets. Once the plants reach a certain size they will look to grown their tap roots as deep as possible, . The deeper you dig, the deeper its roots can grow and the deeper the roots, the bigger your plants will grow. Try to space your plants 1.5sqM from each other to allow for later growth. Remember, when you grow outdoors in the earth, your plants will get much, much bigger than potted plants, or plants indoors. They WILL need room to grow.

Seed Selection:

Depending on what your purpose for growing is, the right strain choice is essential. There are 2 main types of cannabis, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

Sativa is used mainly to treat mental and behavioural issues like A.D.H.D, autism and depression. It gives you a happy, uplifting high that is creatively stimulative and energizing. This strain in particular stimulates the appetite (“the munchies”), which makes it particularly good for people battling cancer, anorexia or other health related issues where eating or keeping food down is an issue. Sativa has a higher THC:CBD ratio and is best used during the daytime.

Indica is used mainly to treat chronic pain, epilepsy, nausea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and lupus. It can also help treat insomnia and over active brain activity, so it is especially useful at night before bedtime.

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