Getting the Message from Our Guides

Getting the Message from Our Guides

Jo Nuske posted 08 Aug 2009

How do we recieve the Messages we need to hear? Angel


As I lay on the beanbag on the floor of my sitting room at 4.30 in the morning my eye caught the gleam of a creature of the night ; its shiny grin mocking me in my sleeplessness.  Its hair was a tangled mess of thick rope in a weird configuration of curls and loops and I wondered what it thought about in the middle of the night.  Why was I still awake at 4.30? Could my mysterious friend give me the answers?

The slash of its mouth remained fixed in the static grimace of the idiot, and as I shrugged my shoulders at the silence, I realised that I had been communicating at a deep and profound level with my shoe.  The shadows, having caught the silver at the heel, had magically transformed it into my night friend. 

No wonder it had no answers for me …….and yet?    Where do we find our answers?

Our imagination is the greatest asset we have to meeting in the realm of the spiritual.   Do we see ghosts with our eyes or through the images created in our minds?  So many people ask “Is this my imagination, or is this real and how do I tell the difference?”

I found an answer many years ago.  I checked my feelings and then Arrow When I “see” anything I always stop and ask : “Is this true?’ and wait for the feeling.  If I feel uplifted, light and right then I trust that : If I feel down, heavy and foggy I question the image.    The second way is physical : all the hairs on my arms and body stand on end when I am absolutely right…………..  When confirmation of what is “seen” or felt, is created by another person I build a frame of reference: that is the way I learned to communicate with my guides: and to know the good from the bad.  

The form of communication is individual and needs to be established to create on-going chats with our higher realm.  This takes time and patience and guess what………! They get as frustrated as you do when you can’t get the absolute clear message.  Think of this as a English speaking person talking to someone of Chinese origin : sign language often becomes the first  creative words. Trust the process, be patient and build a common language between you.

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