Enlightenment! What is it for?

Enlightenment! What is it for?

Jo Nuske posted 10 May 2018

The search for enlightenment has been the catch phrase of spirituality for 10 years or more. What does everyone mean by enlightenment and why the search for it? Why would you take the time? Is it worth it? In the words of Neale Donald Walsh : “ You cannot learn from the words of others but by your own experience.“  However, if I could tell you that instead of living in the anxiousness of “What is the next thing to do” or “What hasn’t been done” or “How in the hell do I achieve that?” you could KNOW IN SURETY that your actions and thoughts  are RIGHT FOR YOU, would you explore your own possibilities?


True enlightenment is to be so filled with light, certainty of who we are and our place in the world that the negatives of other people’s opinions don’t pull us down to become someone else, to do something else…..to twist ourselves so out of shape that we forget our core of our soul and its purpose.   It is living in complete truth with ourselves, our relationships and our work.  Enlightenment is the process of surrender to a greater understanding of source, but (and this is a big one) being willing to let go of some of the many things, attitudes and relationships that hold us in the darkness.  


For anyone who practices ordinary relaxation meditation, you would be familiar with the general feeling of well-being it can bring: less stress perhaps or a brief relief from the frantic “have to do” scenarios. So often, we use meditation techniques to escape the harsh realities of paying the bills, managing schedules that seem impossible to control or dealing with the conflicts that can have our minds going around and around in circles in self-argument. It can become the Band-Aid for temporary peace where we ultimately have to bump down to earth to “the real stuff of life.”


Enlightenment is the often euphoric experience of the Theta meditation: the transcendence of being so completely connected to the earth and universe that it feels as though we have travelled to somewhere else completely.  To enlighten is to have a light illuminate within our minds to see the colours our eyes do not have the physical capability of discerning or to hear the sounds that we do not normally notice. In spiritual terms to hear the music of space.  Enlightenment helps us understand and experience the true empathy of being with other living creatures whether that is people, animals or plants, but most importantly to really connect to and be with ourselves.


The trick, then is to carry that light within at all times so that we live in the now, not escape from it.  Like all mastery it takes time and practice and a beginning is to meditate every day, even for a few minutes. We always start with breath : to breathe in complete consciousness of our own bodies.  The real work of enlightenment begins with transcendent meditation of the Theta brainwave activity and those meditations need to be at least 25 minutes long.


If you would love to connect with others on their journey, discuss, share and explore different techniques or just BE in the moment join the Facebook “Serene Spiritual Circles” closed group athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/159733171362148/


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