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Emperor Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 14 Feb 2017

4. Emperor: Leadership

The Symbols and their Meanings

As the name Indicates, this is the card of the King. A lone eagle flies, carrying the crown of the kingship above the earth. The dominion of his castle, the people and land he is responsible for is below, for from the perspective of height he sees his responsibilities from the higher perspective of making decisions for the greater good, rather than for the individual.

The eagle is carrying a solid gold crown rather than wearing it, for it represents that leadership is one of responsibility, often heavy. The leader of a domain, country or group of people must consider the needs of the many in the decisions made: that not all people will be happy with the laws made and that there may be adverse consequences  to some. The eagle is the warrior, the protector and a symbol of justice. He will lead into battle if necessary, create rules for peace,  decree punishment for infringement and reward for achievement.

The Emperor in a Reading

The emperor card in a reading can indicate that you may be called upon to lead and to make decisions based on the bigger picture for yourself and the people around you. It can also show that there is a person of wise counsel who can advise you. How is the path you are on effecting others, the land and the earth? It is time to consider, evaluate and decide based on “best scenario” for all.

The Challenges of the Emperor

The supporting cards in a reading can show you whether you are using your power wisely, for while the emperor can be a symbol of just power, it can also be that of the dictator or despot. Being overbearing, controlling and unwilling to listen to others is the negative energy of the Emperor: a misuse of power.

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