Dying to Ourselves: Philosophy from "House", TV Show
Final Episode of House[

Dying to Ourselves: Philosophy from "House", TV Show

Jo Nuske posted 28 Aug 2016

The Philosophy of Movies : "House"


Are House and Wilson really dead when they begin their lives of Bikie Freedom?

Well, having watched the entire 8 seasons and what seemed like thousands of episodes of "House", the final show gave me a sense of release, lightness and rightness to the man’s life. For those who haven’t seen the show, Hugh Laurie (actor of House) depicts a brilliant, emotionally disconnected and screwed up human being who wants to believe in love and faith, but coming from a brutalised childhood cannot make personal relationships work. At some level he does not believe he deserves to be loved so consistently sabotages any chance of happiness.

We are led to believe in the final episode that House escapes from death after visual epiphanies of the mis-roads he has travelled to join his dying best friend on an adventure into bikie freedom.  

I happily embrace the alternative. I think that this miserable, convoluted and brilliant diagnostician , who cannot live his life without his best friend lets go of the lonliness and uncertainty of reality to die in the fire and meet his friend on the other side.  The message here is that physical death is not the solution, but that a willingness to let go of the traps of life are.

House left colleagues, (friends?) and people who professed to love him to follow his own path.  He left behind the expectations of others and other people’s perceptions of him. He shrugged off the identity of being brilliant and a healer to be nothing else but himself.  He died to everything that he was, in order to re-create himself in the vision of who he really wanted to be…..without judgement of the fear of being wrong.


The energy of this wanted to make me sing, laugh …. Oh and get on a bike ( on a perfect day of course) and ride into the unknown.  And leave all the crap behind…….



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