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Devil Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 01 Mar 2017

15. The Devil : Bondage


The symbol of the magician’s hand  is again used here as we create our own lives in the power of manifestation and attraction. The upside down pentagram on the forehead of the skull is the reverse of the pentagram’s true purpose: that of protection. A psyche unprotected is open to attack from 4th dimensional beings looking to create mischief, or, the seeker is open to being influenced by a “bad crowd.”

The devil has been placed between the index finger of Jupiter, perceived as leadership and luck and saturn, the planet of hard work. When these two energies work in the negative a person can over-reach themselves, be greedy: (a denial of limits) and be lazy: the hall-marks of the dark sides of our personality. In romance, it can be an overwhelming need to be in a relationship with  someone we can’t have.

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The basest of our emotions: revenge, unrequited love, desire for wealth or the need to control can become all-encompassing as obsessions which create their own bondage of spiritual slavery.
The devil tells us to be aware of living in the world of wishes for things unattainable or in the realm of fantasy. You don’t have to win the big lottery to start your dream projects : thinking you have to is the devil’s work. If you are obsessing about being with a particular person who is not available, let them go in order to find the right one who is “on the market”. The fiery horizon is indicative of passion out of control.

However, as illustrated by the two flowers and the ring, it can also portent an unbreakable marriage ( if supported by surrounding cards). This is the scenario where people can’t live without each other, which can have its own challenges. The chains may look pretty, but they are chains nonetheless.

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