Death Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Death Tarot Card Portal to the Stars

Jo Nuske posted 01 Mar 2017

13. Death : Endings

Not as scary or negative as it looks on the surface.......

Symbols & Meanings

The scythe has completely cut the connection of the plant to its earthly path. That plant’s cycle is completely finished. The flower has died but has left the seeds of the plant to fall to the earth to regenerate into new life.  The skulls, as the traditional symbols of death still carry the structure of the person. Sometimes it is necessary to strip away the flesh to begin the creation process of a new persona. The brilliant colours of the sun on the horizon are both symbolic of the setting sun of an old day and the promise of the passion of renewal.

In a Reading

The death card simply means that a situation is irrevocably finished. There is no going back. However, from that finish, the path is cleared to begin a new cycle of life unhampered by old values, bad relationships or job.  The foundations of who you are are still there: it is time to re-build who, what and where you are going in the future.


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