Currency of Power : Force & Fear

Currency of Power : Force & Fear

Jo Nuske posted 23 Oct 2009

The Currency of Power

Caption : "Emperor and  Empress Reversed : Devil's misuse of Power"


It is almost an entity unto itself and an energy we all strive for in some form or another.   In the world of the "New Age" awareness we work for self-empowerment, that ability to take charge of our own lives without fear.  However,  in order to find our own power,  living in this 3 dimensional existence,  it is important to understand the qualities of power and how it can be used or mis-used.

Power always becomes aCurrency : a way for people to co-exist, relate and trade with each other, the earth and even the greater cosmos.   How we use power is a matter of choice : how we re-act to another's power is also a choice  but the lines can become blurry when those reactions are linked to strong emotional experiences of the past or when it threatens our very survival.


A Parable story................

How would you finish this?

The room smelled of fear.   The glittering sparkle of the huge chandelier  set high in the vaulted ceiling caught  the shimmer of finely cut diamonds that adorned both the men and woman gathered about the spacious area.   The Richly polished mahogany table set in the centre of the room held platters of gourmet  food designed to tempt the most fastidious appetite and the bubbles from the vintage champagne moved with an effervescent grace inside delicately cut crystal glasses.  The food remained almost untouched; the wine flowed freely as individuals seemed to gulp in a desperate attempt to quench an unquenchable thirst. Voices remained low, the murmur of whispered confidences that seemed to be lost in the silence of the vast space. With this much splendour an outsider might assume a celebrated event. No joy, expectation or companionship was shared in this place.  Tension was palpable in the stance of bodies held in self-conscious posture : almost the sensation of trying to remain invisible.

The only person who appeared to be completely at her ease stood in the shadows of the room, a mouse who was not interested in catching the spotlight. . Young : a teenager by judgment, she was diminutive.  Five feet nothing tall with long, straight, almost white-blond hair, her face had the deceptive look of innocence.  Blue eyes would open widely in pretended interest and the small pink mouth would smile almost shyly when someone spoke.  Not that many dared to address her directly.


Standing next to the Minister of Finance I shifted my stance just slightly in order to gain a clearer view of the group by the door.   There was a disturbance within the 4 people gathered there ; 2 men and two women clothed in the richness of financial wealth and social power parted in “not- too- seeming” haste as Grace Mathor, my friend of 25 years arrived, somewhat late: dangerous in this situation.   She was clearly upset : being singled out for attention could mean a slow and agonizing death for her. I wanted to go to her and yet I did not dare: I was too afraid.  Moving too quickly in this environment could bring unwanted attention and I dreaded that those clear blue teenage eyes would turn towards me.


I tensed in fear as I watched Grace move towards the girl in the shadows.

 “Mistress Kara,” breathed Grace her voice trying not to tremble in supplication, “I deeply apologise for the tardiness of my arrival.  I was delayed by falling timbers in the West wing. It seems that the wood had weakened in the entrance arch and the way was blocked for a time, preventing my normal passage.”

Similar accidents had occurred throughout the mansion palace during the past months : unexplained and often timed for a “Gathering.”    Sabotage.   The sole goal with the accompanying machinations of the palace nobles was to shift the focus to another.   Creative booby traps had become the mien, cleverly hidden to catch any unwary person moving about the myriad of passages and halls.  Unfortunately several servants had died unwittingly in the early days.  It was almost impossible to staff the normally bustling life of palace life with help : the greatest craftsman now sought were thieves and criminals ; they had an eye for danger.  They demanded high pay to take the risk of living in the great white building : luxury aside.


No-one dared look at Grace openly but managed to watch from the corners of their eyes while maintaining a murmur of seemingly interesting discourse with those nearest. I was sure that no person heard what the other was saying. To my shame I dipped my head slightly to lean towards the Minister as if listening to something he said.  The harpist at the other end of the room missed a note. Kara shifted her eyes briefly to the exhausted young man strumming with blistered fingers on the strings of the instrument, promising retribution.  I hated that music: discordant and grating: it continued throughout these gatherings.


Grace continued to kneel before Mistress Kara, not daring to look into her face.  The room held its breath. The next seconds would seal my friend’s fate.  Kara smiled sweetly, bending gracefully down to the floor level and gently holding Grace’s face, guided her upward to a standing position.


Laughing softly she reassuringly chided her :” Grace, these accidents do happen I’m afraid.   There is no need to apologise.  You have missed little.  Please come and have one of these delicious canapés and a glass of ‘vinyette’ from my father’s cellars.”


With a snap of her small fingers an unkempt servant (someone from the streets willing to trade a little danger for the certainty of starvation within the city) scuttled forward with a silver tray and filled crystal goblet.   Before Grace could take the offerings from the tray, Kara forestalled her to reach forward, grasping the glass and handed the sparkling liquid from her own hands.  The room held its breath.  This was something different.   Was this a sign of clemency or something more sinister?  Grace almost hesitated: years of royal training came to her aid as she smoothly accepted the glass and under the eye of the mistress sipped the cold beverage.   Kara nodded and moved toward a chair in an outer alcove of the room behind a partition set for her privacy.  The tension released in the room.    Not tonight.


I almost ran to Grace with a relieved smile on my face.


“ My love, I am so glad you are safe” I almost gabbled, giving her a quick hug.  “ What happened?”


Grace hiccupped on a gasp of frustration.


“Someone had cut through the supporting timber over the entrance to my rooms.  If I hadn’t suddenly remembered my shawl in my room and turned back, the entire structure would have fallen on my head.  I couldn’t arrive with wall dust all over me and it was a job scrambling over the debris. John (her faithful retainer) is trying to clear it now, although he is finding it hard to find help.”  Grace sighed.


“Oh, God Jana, I was so scared, so scared.”

 I affectionately tapped her on the arm.

“It’s all over now.  You made it here and everything is all right.”


We both knew and didn’t say “until the next time.” The advent of Kara into our lives had changed much.   A young girl brought into the palace by the king, had been met with suspicion by many and embraced by others.   Sweet and innocent, she had been cared for lavishly and given the run of the city capitol, appearing at both social functions and policy meetings, rarely contributing but observing and noting through her clear blue eyes. The men who presided at the decision gatherings met her admittance with a raised eyebrow, but none questioned a king’s edict.   So she remained, a ghost or shadow presence flitting where least expected.   Then some of the most powerful people in the realm started to disappear, accidents occurred and illness prevailed.  The evidence of Kara’s participation in these events crept through, until it was an open secret that she was dangerous to cross.  Often a disaster befell someone who had displeased her at a gathering.  There had been attempts to remove her permanently but somehow plans had never worked and the offenders had been hanged without trial.  Kara was now the power in the kingdom and no-one really knew how that had happened: or how to undo it. A law had been passed and enforced by the guards that no-one was to leave the palace and in fear the nobility sabotaged each other to stay out of the limelight………………….   ………………………….


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