Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal Ball Gazing

Jo Nuske posted 03 Aug 2018

Have we forgotten how to look? Reconnecting to our soul, psychic or instinctive energy can often mean letting go of the perceived logical. There is no better way to explore our intuitive side than gazing into a crystal ball and allowing whatever to pop into our minds!

Philosophy is the search for wisdom and the original seekers sought for answers through observation. So the original “Empirical” philosophers decided that the earth was flat, that the centre of the earth must be water with land floating on top of it….etc etc. Crazy with our current knowledge but sort of logical for the time. What these theories did though is inspire humans to search more closely for the answers:  to expand the mind.

However, with the advent of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato who are listed (according to internet research) as the ORIGINAL and “fathers” of philosophy, they decreed that all philosophical conundrums had to be based in science and maths. Imagination and sensory perceptions became secondary.

What did humanity lose with this dictum? The “why” of things stays with us as we search for answers to the meanings of life and our place in the universe. We go to science and maths as the first port of call for logical answers but in the world of instinct and psychic awareness perhaps these methodologies haven’t caught up with us yet. Are the logical (left brain disciplines) destroying the potential for our right brain (imagination, creative, psychic  and artistic) development?  

So Have a goand see what "empirical " philosophies of life you can discover!

Blessed Be

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