Coffee Banned from 1st July 2012

Coffee Banned from 1st July 2012

Jo Nuske posted 25 Mar 2012

The Attorney General is to ban the use, sale and distribution of all caffeine products. Identified as a drug of “mood adjustment” open to abuse, it is to be listed as an illegal substance. Police departments have been given new powers to enforce compliance of the law: the sentences to be severe.

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Does this seem crazy to you? 

Well of course it is............. and it almost isn’t true except that current legislation to ban and destroy any plant that may have “mood changing properties” is being put into effect around the world. Does wattle seem dangerous or Nutmeg? These plants are on the potential “Govt destroy list”.  

It has been identified that many plants have elements in them that have the capacity to be turned into "social drugs": certainly to be misused. It is those same elements that can assist in healing.  

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By Law: Nurseries are banned from selling the seeds or plants. This is called natural attrition. This is a job for the Noah in you!   If you want to save the species, save the seeds.  We might also save the bees, the bugs and the birds and the animals that rely on some of these for their food supply. 


Australia Plans to Ban Garden Plants As Drugs—Including the National Flower!

Recognise Any of them?

As the list includes many of the native Australian flora as well as such culinary enhancers as Nutmeg and Cinnamon we could be a very barren country. 


We are potentially facing a bland, non-nutritious menu in the future. ‘Master Chef’ may have a problem.   Coffee houses and restaurants (except fast-food outlets who don’t use herbs or actual food for that matter ) would be out of business.  Using aloe vera to help salve burns , savoury to relieve a bite itch, borage to decorate your birthday cake, making potpourri to deodorize the house could all be things of the past. 




When we let one small right go.........We give up all of them!



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