Christmas Giving Conundrums

Christmas Giving Conundrums

Jo Nuske posted 11 Dec 2010

Christmas giving, as crazy as it may sound can sometimes contain elements of guilt!

“ I am giving to this person, so I have to give the other something too.!” 

“They are a relative…………….I HAVE to give them something……..”

“I can’t afford to give such a large and expensive gift but they will look down their nose at me if I give something smaller!!”  ( We have all heard the jokes about the great aunt who gave small, horrible recycled things and things like hankies, ties, socks and underwear are a no-no. )

I have heard so many people say in past years that “they hate Christmas” because the pressure on personal time and financial stress is enormous.  “I hate the commercialism of Christmas…..”

Yes it has become commercial BUT only if we allow the cycle of guilt to continue.

So what is the solution? : follow the true philosophy of Christmas

  1. Give what you can afford , for to do otherwise is to deny yourself and in this has elements of   "I don't deserve" .
  2. Give to those you truly want to give to. The energy of this is a true expression of love and joy!
  3. Forget the guilt-driven gift giving: who’s favour are you trying to buy?
  4. Grant yourself the opportunity to enjoy the day too!

Have fun and  revel in your own life for laughter and love are contagious!

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