Charting your Path with Numerology 9

Charting your Path with Numerology 9

Jo Nuske posted 06 Oct 2009

Numerology : Number 9

The Number 9 carries the dual energies of endings and working for humanity.

As the last number in the 9 year/ month / day energy it is the completion of a cycle.  Clear out the last of the debris no longer needed, rest and renew your energies at this time to prepare for the next surge of inspiration of the 1.  Again, it is a very low energy day : the lowest of the 9 point cycle.  In the yearly cycle this is the perfect time to go on holidays and to get rid of unnecessary baggage.  If you don’t , this “stuff” will follow you into the next cycle.

The 9 year is also geared towards service to the world : doing for others rather than for yourself and perhaps sharing some of the abundance and learning you may have accumulated during the past 8 years. This can help us feel more fulfilled and at peace with ourselves.


Without planning for clearing and time out this can be a very difficult year.   A 9 month of a 9 year can be quite depressive if your energies are pre-disposed that way: it can be hard to get out of bed!  Do not try to start anything during this time : it has a greater probability of failure.

Without a solid foundation, doing for others can become burdensome which can increase the low feelings of the nine.

House Number 9

The House promotes generosity, making guests feel welcome in a peaceful and complete way.   The house will challenge us if emotionally we remain self-focused.  It will not carry a high energy, but rather a peaceful one if we live up to its expectations.

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