Charting Your Path with Numerology 8

Charting Your Path with Numerology 8

Jo Nuske posted 06 Oct 2009

Numerology : Number 8

Business, Money, Career,.................

getting ahead in the world, promotions and business associations is the energy of the 8 Year, month and day.  Sign that contract, negotiate that loan, balance the budget, invest in shares or ask for that promotion on the high energy 8 periods.

The 8 time brings in clear business focus and the drive to manifest your worldly dreams.  It is a time for action, action and action!  It is the time to solidify the physical and material world we have spent the past 7 years building.





If we have ignored those practical financial details then the 8 can bite us through audits, taxation or money worries.  Money and possession issues will be at the fore so any challenges will also surface.

We can be so focused on this pragmatic world that we can neglect emotional connections and relationships and the risk is to become a workaholic.   “Money grubbing” and miserliness is also a possibility with the 8 : money becoming the ruler of all decisions.

House Number 8

The 8 house is a fabulous environment for promoting the high energy we need in our lives to solidify our worldly and work foundations or to build a business venture.  Being eminently practical, this house is great for those business gatherings as well as the structured order to have money matters running smoothly.

It carries more of the “Accountant” energies than the creative or flowing ones, so it can feel quite restrictive to that artistic, time-ignoring person.   The latter can learn the disciplines within this house, but would ultimately lose their “liquid flow of movement “lifestyle if they stayed to long: or simply be unhappy and feel squashed under the rigidity of the 8.

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