Charting Your Path with Numerology 7

Charting Your Path with Numerology 7

Jo Nuske posted 06 Oct 2009

Numerology : Number 7

Introspection, quiet and the need to be by ourselves is the key to the 7.

It is the spiritual number, a time of self discovery and finding our link to faith. Interestingly,  it is the number of money in Feng Shui.

In a 7 year, month or day, we will look to retreat from the world, to think, to meditate or to ask of ourselves some of those big destiny questions.  It is a wonderful time for reading a profound book, or just curling up somewhere away from the maddening crowd.  Quiet and reflective music can harmonize a 7 time, and is a great period of illumination if we give ourselves the time and space.  It is a low energy time, so don’t plan the big social event or the big business meeting when verbal communication is needed.  Use the 7 to do anything we can do by ourselves: reading, craft, writing the great novel or working in the garden and connecting with the earth.  Is it a wonderful time to find the big soul answers we look for.


The world often doesn’t work to our personal schedule and as such, if our environment is noisy, chaotic, and full of people or demands that require a high energy response, we can become annoyed, frustrated and stressed.  Quick and regular meditation techniques, deep breathing and escaping to the staff bathroom can lessen the negative feelings of being trapped in un-complementary surroundings.

If we do not honour this time of quiet reflection, it can leave a hollow feeling of “missing something important” : we are. We are missing ourselves.  The 7 can see us feeling more tired than usual which is a prompt to take time out!

House Number 7

The 7 demands a spiritual and reflective space or feeling.  This is a house that will promote inner work, self-awareness and enlightenment of faith.  Loud music, parties and gatherings of people feel wrong in this house : in fact by definition it would be difficult to get a rip-roaring party off the ground, as the guests will instinctively need to feel quieter.   It is a wonderful house for travelling the spiritual or enlightenment path.

It is a difficult house to create in as visualizations need to be manifested into something solid or tangible and often the drive is lacking.  However, it is a great place to hold those group meditation evenings!

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