Charting your Path with Numerology 4

Charting your Path with Numerology 4

Jo Nuske posted 29 Sep 2009

Numerology : Number 4

A 4 year is all about building solid foundations in a very practical way. It can be the “head down, Bum up” year where the focus is on work, study, our physical lives and money.


Being methodical is also the     energy of the 4: taking one step at a time.   This is the time of writing lists, and ticking off the entries when we are done. It is also a fabulous number for gaining those long-term qualifications.  On a 4 year, month or day,  use the strength of the four to file away those papers, work out a budget, finding the practical solutions to the problem and follow through on the plan.  The 4 is the 4th year of the creating cycle (the 1st four years): 1 New beginnings, 2 gathering partnerships, 3 creativity and communication (seeing the opportunities), then 4 : putting it all together.


The 4 can be stodgy : all work and no play makes us as dull as dishwater. Finding the balance to allow for time off or fun can be difficult.  Opportunities that require the ability to see the bigger picture can be missed in a 4 year: we are less likely to embrace the risk.  Free-flowing Creativity can become bogged in the everyday problems, which can be frustrating for the naturally artistic person. However, by using the energy of the 4, it can help a person who is not normally organized to find that structure needed. .

House Number 4

Practicality, organization, structure and solid foundations are the cornerstone of the number 4 House.  It is a wonderful house to establish financial, career or study programs to ensure success and completion.  A 4 house often looks like these qualities : it desires symmetry and tidiness.  A naturally creative person: someone who needs open flexibility or a feeling of slight chaos, can feel as though they carry an unnatural weight on their shoulders in a 4 house.   Living in a 4 house can encourage us to take on these qualities if we feel the need to.  As long as the occupants honour and work with the energy of the 4 house, achievement is the result.

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