Charting your Path with Numerology

Charting your Path with Numerology

Jo Nuske posted 22 Sep 2009

The “Science” of numerology Numbers

is a fabulous tool to help us plan, achieve and understand our lives. 

There are high and low energy days, months and years and if we work with these energies we can honour the cycles we go through: to make the most of our opportunities and be compassionate about the “bad days” .

The energy of numbers is linked to Tarot and astrology

: combined they can give a fuller picture of the path we are on.
With each number there are positive aspects and challenges.
 Number patterns appear in our daily, monthly and yearly energies as well as in the names we were given at birth.

Numerological cycles encompass  9 days, 9 months and 9 years.  There are life pinnacles, challenges, strengths, a soul number, a destiny number and more.   There are some fabulous books.  Juno Jordan is an author to look at.
This series of articles deals with the basics:
  • How to work out your personal  year, month and day
  • What each number means in your life plan
  •  How the number of your house can affect the people living within its walls
  •  The positive aspects and challenges that each number brings.

 For a full reading I would suggest to make an appointment with a practitioner.

Maths for the basic Numerology calculation Calculating  Your Personal Year


  •  A  Universal year is the current year : E.G 2009 is 2+0+0+9  = 11
  • ( As numbers only go to 9, any double digits are to be added together to make the single : so 1+1 = 2.)  The year 2009 is a NUMBER 2 year but …………………. Double digits carry a MASTER energy which has a much more powerful impact than the single.  Although it has the same qualities as the 2, the opportunities and challenges are geared towards mastery and therefore “bigger”.
  •  Add your birth day to your birth month : eg  if born on the 17th of December  (12th month) it would be 1+7+1+2  = 11  or 2.
  • Then add the Universal Year to your personal number …….2 + 2 = 4. You would be in a  4 Personal Year.

Calculating your personal Month

The month is September (9th month in the Universal year). 

  • Add (9) to your personal year (4) = 13 You would be in a 4 Personal month, in September. 

Calculating your Personal Day


September is your personal month number 4 : add any date of the month of September to the 4 to get your personal day. 
  • So 26th September 2009 Universally is Day 26th (8) of September (4 personal month) = 12 (1 +2 = 3 ) You are in a day of fun for the 3 energy.

When does my personal year start?

There is an argument in the numerological world as to whether your new energies arrive at the beginning of the Universal year on 1st January or on the anniversary of your birthday. The energies undoubtedly change at the beginning of every year for everyone.  However, the birthday date has a powerful influence. 

Perhaps from the 1st of January to your birthday you are in dual energies, then the single influence really comes into play on the date of your birth-date anniversary.   This can create confusion and multiple influences, particularly for people born in the second half of any given year.

MY SUGGESTION : Have a look at your patterns of the past.  Keep track of the energies of your current time.  People often report that momentous things have happened around the same dates. (From a personal perspective I will tell you that I met my future husband on the 3rd September, Married him on the 3rd September, was separated on the 3rd September and divorced him on the 3rd of September over a 10 year period : All purely by accident. )

See the next “Chapters” for the meanings of the numbers, their opportunities and challenges and how the number can influence your house energies.

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