Changing the concept of the Altar and Sacrifice

Changing the concept of the Altar and Sacrifice

Jo Nuske posted 06 Oct 2016

When we talk of altars, images of sacrificed animals and young women come immediately to mind.  The Bible is full of stories about the rituals of sacrifice to gain the Christian God’s favour, much of it in the form of “burnt offerings”: these being cleansed of impurities.  It often required an animal to be ritually slaughtered and the sinner, guilty, etc etc etc to eat part of it.

For a greater insight, read Leviticus  :   Reference :     Sacrifice

The letting of blood, the symbol of life was the key, for blood is life. Drinking “the blood of Christ” has been a cornerstone of Christian ritual “at the altar” of the Christian church.

History teaches us that EVERY religion of every continent has participated in ritual killing at some point in honour of supposedly higher beings that have power over humans. While the intent may have been “an offering”, we still embrace the idea of trading favours in today’s world of beliefs.

Reference "Encyclopedia Britannica:


 To change the concept of the altar, we have to visit the concept of sacrifice and whether in our new awareness and illumination, the idea that sacrifice is good.

The clique “ He sacrificed his life on the altar of success” means that the offeror gave up something of great value ( perhaps morals, integrity, truth, self-respect etc) to gain a societal status.

How have we made the concept of sacrifice noble and good?   Why is it necessary to sacrifice something that is valuable in order to gain something we perceive as value? When we argue that a woman has “sacrificed her career” in order to raise her family we denigrate the role of motherhood.  The woman has chosen……or has had the right to choose.

 The new concept of "altar" is a way to illustrate the choices we make, for we do not need to give something of ourselves away to appease a deity, a society, a government or an individual. The altar can now be a way to bring in or manifest in new-age terms, that which enriches our lives without cost to our highest values. In fact, the altar is a way of honouring the best within us.


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