Changing Attitudes

Changing Attitudes

Jo Nuske posted 20 May 2012

The “Kooky” people of spiritual awareness have been touting the benefits of meditation for millennia.  Why is it such big news when the medical profession finally makes it official?   

Today Tonight ran a highly advertised feature a few nights ago:“Could meditation have therapeutic benefits for health?”


In a world that has stress, mental depression and suicide as major health issues in Western society our doctors are finally giving some credence to what they have previously labelled as ‘the illusionary practices of charlatans.’ This epiphany would make me laugh if it did not make me astonished at the sheer gall of it all.  

Society demands that everything must be labelled, approved or verified by a recognised authority. “This is OK, says the Doc”.....and suddenly we believe it.  I just don’t get the logic.   We spend billions of dollars on research against disease yet approve toxic additives to our foods. We not only know about these additives, weinactivelyeat them : I mean inactive in that we know but don’t take any notice of it. ....and manufacturers keep producing them.  I wonder if they feed their own children their garbage. 

For example: 

MSG (621, 627, 631) might be natural but not in the form it goes into Cheezles, flavourings on crackers, chips, chinese food, packet soups and stock enhancers. It is an accumulative poison which means the body does not have the capability to excavate it......ever.    MSG destroys the brain cells of babies and children. 

 “ Yeah” but they taste great!”

I could write pages on colourings, sugar, salt and flouride but  feel as though I am telling a clique’d story and beating a dead horse all at the same time. 

Oh by the way.  Meditating is great for you!!!!!! I think I need a session right now!



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