Change: The Real 2012

Change: The Real 2012

Jo Nuske posted 21 Feb 2013

Change: The Real 2012

The idea of relocating or rebuilding Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs and townships seems inconceivable. Yet, this change of attitude, thought or plan may be necessary.  If the recent devastating floods are to become the norm through environmental change, it becomes a decision based on both financial and emotional cost for people.

Do we hold on too tightly to our structures, our homes, our belongings?  Are these things really the stuff of life? Can we change our thinking enough to move with this new evolutionary time in earth’s history, not only as individuals but as societies?

I hope so. We need to for ultimate health and happiness.

The Mayan Message

There was such a feeling of expectation around 21st/22nd December that I purposely chose to stop, to be totally aware… and the sense of energy change was profound.  In a previous article ( and that seems so long ago) I spoke of the expectations that the hidden would to come into the light, that long-held untruths, lies, deceptions  and that includes the ones we tell ourselves could no longer be maintained in secrecy. 

Lately, we have all been bombarded with sporting scandals, icons of hero-worship having clay feet, the illumination of corporate misconceptions and bungling and the consequences of earth’s misuse……. natural disasters.  We are seeing new and wondrous medical breakthroughs, scientific knowledge and earth awareness.  The world, universe, earth has been and is shifting.  It is forcing us to be less complacent and more aware: the pressure cooker creating tension, argument, depression and perhaps confusion as the seemingly solid foundations of our known world are actually built on the shifting sands of change.


Change is the hardest thing for many human, homo-sapiens to embrace: we often cling strongly to what we have known in the past, for it creates a sense of security.  Governmental and legislative rules are a testament to our illusionary belief that we can control our environment, society, other people and our outcomes.   The rising incident of violence is a sign that the don’t’s, cant’s,  shouldn’ts:  the punishment-based societal rules that are restricting freedom of thought, action and belief are being answered in the only way possible: revolution at personal levels: that feeling of “No.!”   The “global financial crisis” is trying to wake us up to the consumer-based life styles we have created, that we can no longer afford.  Floods, drought and fire are demanding that we re-think the locations of our homes.


Ancient, nomadic humans moved with the seasons, the food supply and with the earth’s benefits. Historically, ancient societies were wiped out through unexpected events. What was the common denominator? They all had invested in structure: buildings, business, trade routes: a fixed way of life. The Mayans, Incas, the destruction of Pompeii ………


1. Located in modern-day Pakistan, theIndus Valley Civilization thrived 4,500 years ago. By the year 1500 BCE, the Indus Valley Civilization was virtually abandoned, possibly after invasion by Indo-European tribes or acollapse in agriculture due to climate change.


2. Once one of the most powerful empires of Southeast Asia,the Khmer civilization spread from modern-day Cambodia out into Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia: 802 CE. Attacks from outsiders, deaths from theplague, water management issues affecting the rice crops and conflicts over power


3. The Anasazi, New Mexico, United States. Their civilization emerged around the 12th century BCE: believe thatdeforestation and droughts caused internal conflict and warfare, causing these ancient people to disseminate.


4. The Olmec Civilization, Mexico. Dating to around 1500 BCE, Its decline is blamed on environmental changes caused byvolcanic eruptions, earthquakes or possibly damaging agricultural practices.


5. The Aksumite Empire, Ethiopia. Axum’s decline has been variously blamed on economic isolation due to the expansion of the Islamic Empire, invasions, or climate change which altered the flood pattern of the Nile.


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We know of these these civilisations because of the structures they left behind but perhaps less about what happened to the people.

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