Chakra Power

Chakra Power

Jo Nuske posted 23 May 2010

Energy Centres : The Chakras

Within this article is a Printable Chart of Reference and a 45 Minute Meditation

The Chakras are the energy centres of our body that help to heal and balance our whole lives : from the lower chakra that controls our will to create our physical existence to the high crown chakra that allows us to know our connection to God, the Great Spirit, the Universe and our higher self : the soul.

Each chakra has its own colour, and note : all chakras will spin in perfect harmony and balance in the same direction when fully integrated for health, happiness and enlightenment.  Balancing the Chakras is the cornerstone of all healing both for self and for others!

A chart of reference


Chakra ChartChakra Chart (296 KB)



An original 45 minute meditation for clearing and activating life issues : for love and light!

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