Spiritual Contradictions: Meat Eating Vegetarian?

Spiritual Contradictions: Meat Eating Vegetarian?

Jo Nuske posted 09 Oct 2011

The advent of Christian spiritual churches has me in puzzle. Congregations of spiritually minded people, interested in discovering universal peace, love, and harmony, regularly explore as part of the church service, flower readings, mediumship and healing. Invited speakers introduce pagan subjects such as Wicca and Shamanism and there are also elements of Buddhist teachings and in one Christian Spiritual Church, a Hindu peace pole. And yet the church names itself a Christian spiritual church. It is in direct contradiction to the laws of the biblical (meaning bible) belief system.

Can we be a Christian Buddhist, a Muslim wiccan, a Shamanic practitioner of Judaism, or a Hindu cannibal? Of course not because within these religious doctrines are direct contractions of teachings and religious laws. Yet, the world of the new age spiritualist is trying to believe in contradictions. It is time to stand up and define who we are and what we actually believe in and the manner in which we want to honour those beliefs.
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In a world and time in history where so many people are searching for a spiritual identity, trying to balance the thinking of the 21st century (with all of its science and technology) with the esoteric knowledge of psychic phenomenon, the lines of belief systems have become fuzzy. The temptation to meld the old religious doctrines with the new is often more to do with finding a middle road of religious acceptance than with a firm understanding of our soul path. We are evolving as human beings and that includes our psyches. There are probably more people in the world than at any time in history who are meditating, discussing and exploring alternative healing modalities, self awareness and the unknown of the universal energies.
Technology has allowed us for the first time to share that knowledge but more importantly to question the doctrines of the formal religions. Blind faith where the human representatives or leaders of religion were the only ones qualified to know God, Buddah, Mohammed, Allah or Jesus have eroded.
Social law in western countries have allowed the possibilities of free speech and religious freedom and at least in these cultures people are not put to death for breaking with religious protocol. Unfortunately, this freedom is not available in all countries.


For many, we are finally free to think, decide and discover our own individual spiritual identities. Why them are we trying to fit these into old structures?

History is a funny thing and the attitudes to the past vary according to individual perspective. We all know that our personal history and the experiences we have encountered have helped to shape who we are. Everyone has their story.

The world does too and the civilizations that we find ourselves in are a direct result of what has gone before. The religions and belief systems that we often adhere to now, have roots in a purpose that were designed for their time, but are not relevant in our current world structure.

I asked a reverend of a particular spiritual church why they were so insistent of retaining the “Christian" part of the church's title. It came down to two main categories. The first was that they believed in Christ and the second was that the word Christian gave the church and the representative of the church an official and legally recognized status. Ah ha! So I asked. “Is it difficult to register a religion legally?” Yes, there are certain protocols and mandates that must be adhered to. After all if we didn't, we would have a new religion for every small gathering of people which would produce more than “Jedi” categories for Sensis data gathering and the tax department could have a huge problem with financial records. There is another factor however to being part of a recognized and historical religious identity. Being Christian can be comfortable and engenders a sense of conformity in society.

By conveniently forgetting the history of Christianity and man's historical use of the laws it created, individuals and groups of the Christian faith are trying to bend the parameters to fit new age thinking and attitudes. Historical Christians, in the name of God and Christ, slaughtered tens of thousands of women who were often healers and midwives, branding them as witches and practitioners of evil arts. Psychic phenomenon is branded as evil, unclean and as a mark of the devil. Tarot cards and divination tools are forbidden, and to have the ability to see a ghost categorized an individual as being possessed by an evil spirit. The famous Spanish inquisition tortured and murdered hundreds of people in the name of Church of England hereticism, and native cultures have been destroyed in order to civilize pagan practices. We romanticize the Christian sacrifices to the lions of Rome, as an ideal of the willingness to stand in the faith of God, but sanction the murder of others who believe in something else. Of course the latter is not exclusive to Christianity: religious genocide has been a part of the doctrines of belief in all cultures in history. “Believe what I believe or die!” has been the creed of religious wars.

SpaceblueIf we are going to identify ourselves as spiritually aware, the integral ingredients of this to be love, peace and harmony, freedom of belief and harm to none, for goodness sake let the name of our belief system reflect this. Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Jehovah, Allah were all men of wisdom and had their doctrines named after them. History has created their teachings to often reflect masculine leadership and the social needs of the time. Let us embrace the feminine and masculine in balance and please don’t identify our religion as a person that predisposes a human personality. So whether we connect in some way to God, Christ, the earth, Father Sky, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed, the Virgin Mary or a Jedi Knight, it is not to personalities that we should identify with but the energy of love that they represent.

To the religion of love, peace, serenity, wisdom, balance, harmony, enlightenment or the universe are terms that could be used to legalize the spiritual religion. It is time to have our identities in a non sectarian identity and therefore name and could be the start to a world religion.

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