Bees, White Sage, rescue and decisions. To Kill?

Bees, White Sage, rescue and decisions. To Kill?

Jo Nuske posted 20 Oct 2016

The sound was deafening: dozens of bees inside my “spiritual room shed”. I stepped outside to see dozens more swarming / gathering around the broken surfaces and cracks of the outer walls. With the world awareness of several species of bee now on the endangered list, I did not want to kill them……so I phoned Glen from the Bee Keepers Society of SA. What do I do……?   After telling me that he would be quite happy to pull the shed down, which was not an option, he gave me an education and some advice.   So I thought I would share the info he gave me. 

(This is the SA contact)

Bees have populated this shed several times, building a hive. In the past they have been poisoned…. A difficult decision, but when you have people highly allergic to their sting threatening anaphylactic shock and animals going nuts with stings…..they become a pest.

The poison lasts a year……any honey has probably been eaten by bugs and mice, but the structure of the hive may still be there.  Honey remaining is a signal that a hive has been there before…the bees will come to eat it. Bees are also loyal to their hives.  

Scout bees are sent out to find a suitable nesting place, and Glen told me that these bees, having just arrived in the past 24 hours would be scouts. The secret is to dissuade them……They are curious, so they will get inside to look around.  By killing the scouts, I can convince them that it is not a good place to call home, therefore the swarm or main hive will survive as they will go somewhere else.

Stepping inside a large room with bees buzzing around me was a daunting prospect….and having seen bee-keepers smoke hives to calm them, I got out my supply of dried white sage. Yep, that worked and I have smudged my room well and truly.  I had to use a can of pesticide to kill them, and soaked all the holes in the wall that would give them access to make entrance ways unpleasant.

Now for the outside entrance. I lit a big branch of white sage ( smoked like a dream ) and swished it amongst the busy, buzzing bees. I also smoked myself to dissuade them from attacking me. They left long enough for me to soak the outside walls with pesticide, again making the entrances nasty.    Now I have to carefully seal up the holes. ( I could be here for a week)

They have gone. Lets hope this works.  Now to get out the vacuum cleaner and clear the floors..... with shoes on of course, because their stings are still active.

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