Archangels: Who to Call

Archangels: Who to Call

Jo Nuske posted 14 May 2010

Archangels : The List is Enormous!  Do they all Originate from the Bible? 

AngelwithChildThe realm of the Archangels has been one of  light, love, power and service to humanity.  Whilst in many spiritual circles, there has been a shift in consciousness from a single religion, to embrace "The Universe", the Archangels remain a focus of help when we need it. 

There are angels and Archangels : the former being the messengers of God : the latter being the leaders of those messengers:

 "Head Angels", although there are no explicit references to this hierarchy within the Hebrew ( Old Testament) Bible.  Michael is the only angel named.  It is in the Kabbalah and Book of Enoch that Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are referenced and the remaining 4 ( to create the sacred 7 Archangels)  were recorded by Pope Gregory 1st (590 - 604).  It is also interesting to note that Metatron, one of the highest Archangels in Kabbalist and Merkabah mysticism is not listed as one of the traditional seven. 

It does not matter where you look, the list of the 7 Archangels changes depending on the source and the religious culture. So what is right? ...............and does it matter? Here are some of the traditional upon them when in need and remember " A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!" : it is not the name but the energy that is blessed.


Michael :

A Divine Protector: the warrior who vanquished Lucifer and banished him to the realms for hell for his rebellion against God.  Call on Michael when courage is needed, when fear is present that needs to be conquered.  As the warrior he carries the sword of justice and is willing to use it to smite down his enemy. Sometimes force is required in our world to defend loved ones and ourselves: Michael can help us now the right way!




Raphael :

The Healer. Raphael is the patron of the pharmacist, medical profession and healing disciplines.  Call on Raphael to help with physical and mental hurts, nightmares, the blind and the knowledge of tinctures and remedies. 




 Gabriel : Gabriel


The Messenger of Truth and love.   Seen as the Patron of all communication so call on Gabriel to help with a clear message : to speak your truth. As Gabriel brought news of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, women who are looking for a child coming into their lives may call on this Archangel. It is said that the Horn of Gabriel will be heard on Judgment Day.


Uriel : "Light ( or Fire of God")

Uriel rules the mental plane, our thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment. Uriel is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and he can show us how to find our inner power through a process that will help each individual Shift in consciousness and therefore accelerate the entire human kingdom's shift into higher realms of consciousness.As the Archangel of Salvation and forgivenesss, Uriel can show us how to heal every aspect of lives, turning disappointments into victories, find blessings in adversity, and release the painful burdens and memories of the past through the application of unconditional forgiveness. Uriel uses his flaming sword to purify mental and emotional understanding and transmute lower vibrational energies into enlightened spiritual understanding.



Also known:Akrasiel, Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan From the Book Of Enoch Archangel of Justice, Fairness and Peace. Call on this angel when looking for self-empowerment or the resolution of a fair negotiation.



Also known as Sariel Esdreel, Sahariel, Juriel, Seriel, Sauriel, Surya, Saraqael, Sarakiel, Jariel, Sourial, Suruel, Surufel and Sourial. An angel of healing or the angel of death. One of the 7 angels that rule the earth.  Call on this angel to help those close to death to pass over in their right time.



The Angel of Resurrection.  Call on Remiel to see clear and true visions.  Leads souls to heaven. Jophiel : Also known: Iofiel, Iophiel, Jofiel, Zophiel : Angel of art and beauty : for the creative artist, painter or interior decorator.  Is also to help us find the joy and laughter in our lives, and to find the peace and balance to relax and find peace. Call on Jophiel to connect to your higher self.



Also known:Camael,Camiel,Camiul,Camniel ,Cancel,Jahoel ,Kemuel,Khamael,Seraphiel,Shemue : Call on this Archangel to bring in your soul-mate, to help heal relationships, to help with parent / child relationships and to find lost things.  Chamuel is the Archangel of Pure LOVE.

Metatron :

Lived as the Human Enoch.  He is the scribe of the Akashic records : the recorder of all heavenly and earthly occurrences. Metatron is seen in some religious cultures as the most powerful Angel. Call on this angel to help with transcribing and understanding divine wisdom and accessing your personal soul knowledge. There is a great website for more info :

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