Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Book Review

Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Book Review

Jo Nuske posted 05 Aug 2009

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life

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VOLUME I & II Written by Drunvalo Melchizedek The science and philosophy of the Merkabah ( a tetrahedron-shaped energy field ) that allows the traveler to move in time and space to access the highest realms of information and knowledge through meditation.
The books are pretty heavy into the mathematics of the universe ( an interlinking flower of  life) and a little hard to understand at times, although he uses simple language and simple diagrams to help. The history of the earth going back several hundred thousand years gives the reader a whole new perspective on the evolution of the human race and our origins. These range from before the rise and fall of Atlantis to Egyptians to the current time.
Drunvalo doesn't pull any punches about the current state of the earth and its prospects and includes scientific research and reports produced by experts in their field, that have been given to our politicians over several decades. He offers solutions through the mer-ka-bah teachings : (Mind, body, spirit) to give hope of enlightenment.  While he believes that the world as we know it will end in 2012 ( and provides "proof" of this) he gives instructions as to the method of moving into the higher plane of existence with the earth.

 Instructions for doing Merkabah meditations are written : they take practice, focus and time to master but the power is amazing. While it was first published in the late 80's,  a bolded script on the sides of the pages are updates of information for later publishing in the 2000 time-frame.  These include the changes in basic DNA that our children of the 21st Century are being born with : immunity to all disease, psychic powers and paranormal aspects.

 He believes and gives evidence of his own evolution in awareness, healing and understanding through the power of merkabah meditation: that we can,  at will,  change our DNA and bodily structure, to heal and regenerate. A real eye-opener and worth the read.

Review by Joanne Nuske: Founder of Serene Spirit 

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