An Abundance Ritual for Financial Safety

An Abundance Ritual for Financial Safety

Jo Nuske posted 12 Jun 2017

Abundance Ritual for Financial Safety 

As promised on the Serene Spirit Live Facebook chat on Sunday 11th June I am posting a couple of rituals to bring in abundance into our lives. Rituals to bring new energies into our lives are best done on the night of a new moon as a beginning of a cycle or the full moon to honour the heightened power of “Grandmother wisdom. ” Either is OK in these rituals, depends on your own timing. 

Remember that “ A ritual is designed to change our minds”

The ritual for our financial needs. This is one that is designed to help us with the fears of lack or not having enough for our everyday living expenses. The idea is that we always have enough “cash in our wallets” at the supermarket checkout or to be able to go to our letter-box without fear of a bill. It creates feelings of financial safety.

3 Coin Ritual

  • Get 3 gold coins of the same value ( 3 x $1 or 3 x $2 coins )
  • Get a candle of the colour you relate to as representing abundance: it must be big enough to be able to burn for 10 minutes each night for 30 days.
  • 3 pieces of green silk material or soft green paper (all the same)
  • If you can, get a small Citrine crystal. The Citrine is a self-charging “sun crystal” that charges other crystals and represents money and abundance.
  • Stop and really think about what your needs are and how you would feel if you could live without worry.
  • Write on piece of paper in your own words what being safe financially means to you. “ I always have enough for my needs.” The words, whatever they are, should be written as if you are safe now. (If you write “I will have” or “I want” you are creating this in some ephemeral future or you are simply creating the “want.”)
  • Light the candle
  • Wrap each coin in the green silk saying the words you have written on the paper ( 3 times is the magic) and connect to thefeelings of that safety
  • You can finish the ritual with a “Thankyou” or Blessed Be
  • Place the coins, candle and crystal on your altar.
  • Then each night at about the same time of night you light the candle and say the words 3 times. Make a commitment to spend 5-10 minutes each night visualising and imagining; experiencing the feelings you have with having financial safety.
  • You do this for 30 days ( every day or you break the cycle) or until the next full moon. ( It takes 28 days to change a habit or reprogram thinking)
  • On the last night, light the candle and unwrap your coins. As you say the words each time :
    • Plant one coin in a pot or in your garden if you own your own home
    • Put one coin on your altar to be left there always
    • Put one coin in your wallet with the Citrine crystal if you had one. Never spend the coin.
  • While all three crystals are connected, the flow of energy continues.
  • This ritual can be repeated to recharge your own focus

Blessing money 

We can have emotional blocks to money: often from upbringing or beliefs that “money is evil” or that “the meek ( or the poor) will inherit the earth” ; “To be poor is noble” or “to want money is being greedy. “

Money is a tool of trade that allows us to provide for ourselves and create our lives in the visions of our imagination.


If you want to really charge your money in light here is a blessing ritual

Get a glass bowl and ¾ fill with slightly warmed water ( I tend to use bottled, uncontaminated, natural fresh water from a creek or river or even sea water. ) Don’t put your crystals in sea water: they can get damaged.

I put a Citrine crystal in the bowl of water.

I put fresh herbs: mint, lavender, rosemary in the water and a splash of rose essential oil. The aromas in the warm water are luxurious.

Money Blessing BowlLight a candle or place a floating lit candle in the water

Place the coin/coins in the water and say the words your feel from your heart

          “Thankyou to the Goddess (or God, Universe, Angels : your belief system of love) for

          blessing the money in my life for it brings me joy, security and fun.”

(Use your own words remembering that it is the feelings they invoke that are important. )

I leave the coin/s in the water for 3 days ( the magic 3 again) then use them for my abundance ritual.
















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