6 Sure-Fire Ways to Ignite Your Love Life

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Ignite Your Love Life

Donna posted 13 Nov 2018

Picture this: You meet a man (or woman) that causes your emotions to stir, they call it “the butterflies”. The exciting moment when you are physically attracted to someone and your instinct is to purse it further. You have a chat, you like their personality which in turn makes them even more attractive to you. They are kind, funny, loving and have a wicked sense of humor. Then you start dating. You've found the one! You feel like you're on cloud 9 when you see this person. Then as it happens, the “honeymoon stage” ends and you fall into a funk. What happened? It's normal and natural for that spark of excitement to diminish as you grow comfortable with each other. Sadly, this also spills over into the sex life. You don't need to grow apart, you just need to think of new ways of bringing the spark back into the love life. Read on for 5 unique ways to spice up the love life:


  1. Early Morning Love

The alarm clock goes off and begins the same routine procedure we repeat 5 days a week. Shower, dress, coffee, breakfast, off to work. It's completed without a second though, as if we're living on autopilot. Now add a variable into this systematic routine – have sex! The rush of hormones released from the orgasm adds a lasting feel of “Joie De Vivre” into your day to be carried with you until the evening. In fact, according to theNational Geographic sleep science study, our hormones cause our libido to peak between 6-8 am. Have sex during this time and you'll feel the physical & emotional intensity peak at a higher level compared to evening sex. It's science!


  1. Lovemaking in the Great Outdoors

Thinking of being nude in the grand outdoors is risque, and copulating with your lover outdoors is extra naughty, but secretly an exciting thought. The excitement comes from the risk of being caught. You'll be pumping with adrenaline which amplifies the entire situation. Go for a walk in a ravine and do the deed under a bridge. Do it in on the playground at night. Do it in a rowboat in the middle of a lake. Why not your own backyard? The feel of wide open air rushing across your body simply can't be replicated indoors. It's an erotically liberated feeling and sharing this daring act with your partner is instantly re-ignites passion emotionally & physically.


  1. Watch an Adult Movie


By “adult movie” this doesn't imply the newest R-rated blockbuster staring Jason Statham, it's the kind of movie you had to rent by going behind the beaded curtains at the old movie rental store. These days it's more discreet and easy to find adult films thanks to the internet. Watching the professional performers on screen together makes you feel naughty, a hallmark of feeling excitement. You'll feel empowered and uninhibited, like a pro yourself. Let it all out, groan, moan, be rambunctious. Admire their perfectly shaven parts and let it arouse you too. Now carry all this arousal and let it out on your partner. Are you stuck in a sex position rut? Try some of the moves and the positions you've just seen. In reality, they are awkward and kind of goofy, put you'll have a good laugh, which is adds a silly air to your lovemaking, a whole new style of playful fun.


  1. Let your Fingers do the Talking


It's typical for a love advice column to suggest vibrators, but that's vague. It's best to think of a toy that is made specifically for couples. One of the best toys for couples is the finger vibrator. This tiny hands free device slides over your finger. As you're enjoying foreplay, giving your partner massage or even during the act of lovemaking, the finger vibrator can be your awesome little companion. It's tailor made for clitoral stimulation, couples use them during intercourse because the combination of the thrusting movement and clitoral stimulation enhances her sexual response. The finger vibrator is a great option for those with a low libido because the gentle vibration encourages natural lubrication. They are also very simple, non-phallic and discreet so its the perfect choice for a couple that think toys are too naughty.


  1. Wear Lingerie


.There's something so empowering about wearing sexy lingerie. It transforms your everyday personality into a mighty sex goddess. You feel sexier. You look sexier. Your partner will surely agree. Take this powerful visual cue and transfer into into intimate touching and erotically charged sex. It's no secret men are highly sensitive to visual cues for erotic stimulation. Seeing you dressed in peek-a-boo cloth, light strands of fabric layering and flowing over your body curves is a more erotic sight than just seeing you naked. There's more to look at, more to examine and the teasing effect strikes their erotic nerve just right. Now is your time to pull out your bedroom commands and tell him what you want to do. Take charge and you'll both experience a different sexual dynamic than those ordinary nights of love.


  1. Mutual Touching in the Bathtub


Draw a bath with your favorite aphrodisiac bubble bath. Toss a few bath oil capsules in there too. Turn off the lights but light some candles. Begin with a slow caress, notice how slick your bodies feel together from the bath oil, and enjoy the scent of the bath bubbles. Rub each other all over, clitorises, nipples, penises – nothing gets excluded. Change positions too, sit across from each other, and let your partner sit on one side while you sit between their legs, both of you facing the same direction. The goal here is not to have sexual intercourse, rather its to enjoy every inch of each others bodies through touching. When the passion really heats up, masturbate each other to orgasm. Sure this isn't exactly a sex tip, but it teaches good lesson on sharing of physical intimacy and you both get to orgasm at the hands of the other. It's highly erotic!

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