2012:The Time to Choose

2012:The Time to Choose

Jo Nuske posted 19 Dec 2012

The World Waits: The Eve of Dec 21st 2012

As each individual faces the prospect of the "end of the world", the end of a cycle or massive change, it is not whether our physical world destructs, it is the mind and heart-set we face. We are born into support and love and we come to expect the parental or wise guidance from others or an all-knowing God. Ultimately we live alone, even in the company of others. We die alone: no-one can do it for us.

We live in reflection of our environment, culture and beliefs but ultimatelyin all things we must choose for ourselves.

It is so easy to blame governments, friends, schools or family for the way our lives have panned out but at every point we have been given a moment to follow theirs or our own paths. The time of the 21st or 22nd December 2012 is our one moment in the history of the universe to choose. There is no-one to ask, for while there are a thousand opinions, there are only our own instincts, knowledge and judgement to rely on.

What will humanity ( each of us individually ) do in our hour of question? Will we panic, destroy, shrug or purposely follow everything that is good that has been given to us. Will we love, hate, forgive, blame, live in fear of death or embrace the wonder of the earth, the heavens and life?

It is in this moment that we will truly see and understand ourselves.

It is wondrous, exhilarating and joyous and what an amazing gift. The only way in which this is not a gift is if we are afraid to look at ourselves. Do not fear the truth, for it sets us all free. There is no judgement, simply acceptance of all that we are. In love and acceptance, we can truly be connected.

Blessed Be

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