2012 Predictions

2012 Predictions

Jo Nuske posted 03 Jan 2012

As the beginning of 2012 looms, we must all be aware of the predictions that have been talked, written and pondered about for the past 20 years. The cycle of events over the past 2 years, have certainly lived up to the predictions. 

The predictions went like this.

  1. The beginning of the change will be marked by the deaths of the two best loved women in the world within 6 weeks of each other : Diana 31 August 1997, Mother Theresa September 5th 1997 ( actually  6 days apart)
  2. Increased natural disasters and cataclysmic events. From Tsunamis in Indonesia and Tokyo, to the changing weather conditions that result in flash flooding and drought, to the reported increase in earthquake activity.  The looming solar flares promise to be devastating late 2012.
  3. The next would be a global financial collapse
  4. World famine.


This is all happening NOW

  • The Mayan’s predictions alluded to the probability that our own technology would be our undoing.
  • We have certainly created an imbalance in the world’s earth, water and air chemical compositions.
  • Breeding out the natural fertilization of crops through hybridization to increase production and protect the “seed stock” of corporate ownership has made many foods sterile.  (They will not produce “live seed’.)
  • The bees that are so vital to food production are dying out through disease and pesticide distribution in countries other than Australia and New Zealand. We are the last of the countries that have disease-free bees. It has been reported that the US has to import a full 1/3 of its food supply now because of crop devastation in the past 12 months.  
  • Food prices have skyrocketed and will continue to increase with high demand for export.


The problem has always seemed to be” But what can I do?”

Massive political and financial change takes time and while the banks are sending the world into a spin, we can only save what we can.  BUT, do we save money or resources? What will be the currency of the future?  The considered currency is gold, but the ordinary person may not be able to have a vault somewhere and we certainly can’t eat it!

Regardless of whether the predicted events occur at the end of this year I can guarantee one thing. People will panic.

We cannot all suddenly relocate to the country to live the life of complete self-sufficiency, but we can do something.


My suggestions:

  1. Dig up that lovely lawn you have in the backyard and grow some veges.  Use your water for food, not for looks.  
  2. Get to know your neighbours and get the whole community to grow some food. This will achieve two things : they are less likely to steal yours when the  time comes and you can grow trade-able crops.     
  3. Buy a generator
  4. Stock up on tinned food, candles, Oil lamps, powdered milk, flour, sugar and salt, bi-carb, vinegar ( all the basics for cooking and cleaning  
  5. Grow some aloe vera,(skin, cuts, rashes, sunburn)  chamomile,(de-stress)  stevia, (natural sugar), have some tea-tree oil, eucalyptus and olive oil (as a carrier for natural remedies) 

Survival suppliesaloecircleA little preparation goes a long way.  Without it, we invite military intervention which is the start of martial law, dictatorships and loss of freedom. Sure, loss of freedom from fear but at what other costs?   Be in control of your own destiny and plan a little every day.

I will be.  We will be.


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