5 Destinations for Finding Serenity and a Stress-Free Life

Theodora posted 18-Jun-2019
The American Dream just isn’t what it used to be. Instead of financial freedom, millennials are part of the ‘renting forever’ generation. 70-hour ..

How to take the Humbug out of Christmas

Jo Nuske posted 12-Dec-2018
The Humbug of Christmas comes from hurt. Have you ever been gifted with the generic chocolates (and been a diabetic) or nuts (that will bring on a..

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Ignite Your Love Life

Donna posted 13-Nov-2018
Picture this: You meet a man (or woman) that causes your emotions to stir, they call it “the butterflies”. The exciting moment when you are physic..

Online Dating for Spiritually Minded: How to Make it Work

Caitlin posted 06-Nov-2018
To have a spiritual and conscious mind is enlightening, but at the same time, it can become difficult to find people with a similar mindset. This ..

Health & Wellbeing: How to be Energized, Happy & Productive

Marie posted 05-Oct-2018
Nihilism is looming over humanity like a dark cloud. We have never lived in such privileged times yet it appears that people are “built” to suffer..

Crystal Ball Gazing

Jo Nuske posted 03-Aug-2018
Have we forgotten how to look? Reconnecting to our soul, psychic or instinctive energy can often mean letting go of the perceived logical. There i..

Serene Spirit Goes Live on Facebook!

Jo Nuske posted 11-May-2018
I love the new technology that lets us interact in real time for discussion and the sharing of wisdom. So many topics across different disciplines..

You are probably psychic…Do you know it?

Jo Nuske posted 10-May-2018
In the 40+ years (OMG) I have been talking to people I have so often heard “I had a feeling that I could be a bit psychic….” BUT I am sca..

What is Astral Travelling?

Jo Nuske posted 10-May-2018
Is there a difference between dreaming and astral travelling? Absolutely! Have you ever been suddenly jolted awake to the extent that your body wi..

Enlightenment! What is it for?

Jo Nuske posted 10-May-2018
The search for enlightenment has been the catch phrase of spirituality for 10 years or more. What does everyone mean by enlightenment and why the ..

Paganism is out of Sync in Australia

Jo Nuske posted 30-Mar-2018
While European-based pagan celebrations have been adopted by Christian calendars, I guess we can ignore the obvious anomalies of the natural seaso..

Looking for the Wise Ones…

Jo Nuske posted 28-Mar-2018
Looking for the Wise Ones… Do we spend our lives looking for the people who seem to know what they are doing? Isn’t it a comfort knowing tha..

Growing Medicine Cannabis

John posted 09-Mar-2018
Location: Sunlight, it is free and is abundant in everything your plants need to grow. Choose a well lit spot that gets as much sunlight as poss..

Has the Plebiscite become Distorted?

Jo Nuske posted 22-Sep-2017
The argument about same sex marriage has become distorted. While the moral stand of marriage is one of commitment of one person to anoth..

Hearing and Healing the music of the Universe

Jo Nuske posted 21-Aug-2017
Hearing and Healing the music of the Universe: Feeding the Grid When anger, hatred and discord are expressed, and there is plenty of that within o..

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