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The Karyna Centre for Transformation provides the highest quality professional training, research opportunities and resources to those passionate about making a difference to the world through the sound vibrations of crystal singing bowls, crystal healing and Reiki hands-on healing.

Courses and Retreats are offered throughout the year in

Sound Therapy

Crystal Sound Therapy employs the powerful sound waves and rich harmonic overtones of quartz crystal singing bowls to transform energies, restore balance and re-establish health

Study Reiki

Level 1 to Mastery

The student will learn to sense energy – Ki, cultivate the energy and use this knowledge to ground and heal the self. Course content includes history of Mikao Usui, learning the five precepts, breathing techniques, physical practise of Reiki and receiving the attunement. Each person receives a comprehensive manual and a support study program to assist with deepening the Reiki connection and practices.

Crystal Therapy

Transform your life with the ancient art of laying Crystals and Gems on the body to bring about deep transformation

The ancient art of laying crystals and gems on the body and working with specific therapeutic breath techniques creates a deeper connection to your own inner wisdom and an even deeper connection with the Source Of All There Is. It is life changing.


31 Nielsen AVE Carlton NSW AU

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