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About Beyond the Ordinary


The LifeLine Technique
is an unparallelled healing system that harnesses our own natural powers of recuperation to heal, regenerate completely and be whole.
It is the fusion of science and spirit. Science is now proving what ancient cultures have known : that our bodies hold memories of everything that has happened in our lives, which left unhealed create illness.
The LifeLine Technique developed by Dr Darren Weissman is a unified system that integrates the philosophy inspired by 15 different modalities.
Contact me about becoming a practitioner of this powerful healing technique enabling you to heal yourself and assist others in their journey of holistic wellness.


The Goddess Within

The Goddess workshops are about the wonder of being woman; sensual, sexual, nurturing, loving and powerful. In finding our inner truth we are more able to have balanced and loving relations with children parents, partner and the outer world.
A course for yourself and that includes honouring all aspects of your past, present and truth to walk in clarity and love into your own future, whether that be in the energy of work, destiny or fun.
YOU ARE WELCOME to join us our Sacred Circles : The cost is $7 and bring a cushion.

Man's Inner Journey

Needing to discover the power and identity of self in a world where the parameters of who we are supposed to be is a part of the energy of this amazing workshop. It also honours the idea of men connecting in an area of total acceptance of each other.

Tantra For Couples

Sexuality and sensuality, being connected in a sacred way at and earthly level, where sharing, openness and acceptance of each other is a rich ingredient to allow complete comfort and love between couples. In our workshops we encourage open communication at a mind, body and spirit level assisting couples to truly be together in every way.
With love, laughter and sharing find a deeper connection with each other.

We have shared an amazing journey with some amazing people of 30 years. We look forward to sharing with you too.

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