Charting your Path with Numerology

Jo Nuske posted 22-Sep-2009
The “Science” of numerology is a fabulous tool to help us plan, achieve and understand our lives. There are high and low energy days, mont..

A Prayer for Personal Power

Jo Nuske posted 17-Sep-2009
The Light and Shadow sides of Ourselves The challenges of everyday life can see us being loving, caring and nurturing people : our light side . ..

Secret to Longevity is Happiness

Jo Nuske posted 12-Sep-2009
What is the Recipe for a Long and Happy Life? Within this world that has become a marketplace for health products, fitness centres, diet con..

Suicide and Forgiveness

Jo Nuske posted 06-Sep-2009
We Take Despair With Us There is so much conjecture about the other side and so much pain attached to having someone in your life who has ended th..

The Waiting Room: Passing Over.

Jo Nuske posted 06-Sep-2009
What does the In-between Life and Death Place Look Like? I want to tell you a true story. My father had been gravely ill in hospital but was reco..

A Question of Life Poem

Jo Nuske posted 03-Sep-2009
In love, in life, in war and strife No roads or rules be pre-ordained Mankind is but a beast, and chained To flesh and breath and mortal ..

Meditation of Protection

Jo Nuske posted 26-Aug-2009
A Meditation to create your Safe Sacred Place ( Approx 22 Minutes ) When we are safe in our mind or can create a feeling of peace even amo..

Spiritual, Indigo Children

Jo Nuske posted 12-Aug-2009
According to Lee Carroll, Co-Author of "The Indigo Children," "An Indigo Celebration," and "The Indigo Children Ten Years Lat..

Your Crystals Live

Jo Nuske posted 11-Aug-2009
Crystals change, grow and sing... Firstly, I will tell you that this information comes from my personal experience with working with crystal..

Step Out of the Loop

Jo Nuske posted 11-Aug-2009
Just a Poem of Life's Invitation Step out of the loop And into the hoop Of the circle of life Without trouble or strife Let ..

Getting the Message from Our Guides

Jo Nuske posted 08-Aug-2009
How do we recieve the Messages we need to hear? As I lay on the beanbag on the floor of my sitting room at 4.30 in the morning my eye caugh..

The Need for Heroes and Heroines

Jo Nuske posted 07-Aug-2009
The power of magic or the magic of Power We all expect our heroes and heroines : those we place upon a pedestal to be paragons of virtue. Not for ..

Poetry: Love it or Hate it

Jo Nuske posted 07-Aug-2009
I remember as a kid at school When poetry was the class With Drake or Blake! What’s that?……. Poole? “Stay Awake”, was the greatest task ..

Original Sin : Choice and Consequence

Jo Nuske posted 07-Aug-2009
The Bible tells us that the original Sin was Eve’s desire for knowledge and in seeking this knowledge outside of the realms of Eden she ate of the..

Healing Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Jo Nuske posted 07-Aug-2009
HONEY AND CINNAMON (Bet the drug companies won't like this one getting around.) Facts on honey and cinnamon: It is found that a mixture of hone..

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