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In ancient times the human race learned magic, mysticism, the wisdom of the Earth, their culture and their beliefs directly from the Elders of the tribe.

The modern world now embraces the teachings of multi-cultural ideals in the search for enlightenment and self-awareness. Technology allows us to share, discuss and learn - without the barriers of geography - from many, and from all corners of the Earth.

This website has been created for everyone, to be a community for free thinkers and the spiritually inquisitive. A place of conjecture, philosophy, science, belief and learning.

When we share and create together with a single focus of love and light our higher energies can benefit all beings.       Jo Nuske - Founder, Clairvoyant, Trainer

Conquering Hate: The Inner Struggle

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Beating Hate

Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? It is.

When we fight fire with fire, we burn everything so there is nothing left to burn. Can we then win over hate with hate?

Can we just turn on the love (the water energy of empathy) when in the fiery passion of rage? Not likely.

So where in the hell-fire of hate do we begin?

The hardest thing to do in the world is to stop, look and listen when in a rage…….because we so WANT TO BE RIGHT. Unfortunately, there is that old perception that to be wrong is to be weak, to be powerless, to lose.

Yet, overcoming hate and rage is the hardest and therefore the most powerful thing any individual can do.

To breathe rather than shout, to sit rather than hit, to listen rather than accuse, to NOT act when every fibre of your being dictates that you want to destroy, destroy, destroy.

To truly stand in our OWN power…..

To remember that when we destroy another, we splinter our souls… not be a Voldemort…..

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